A Synopsis of the Redcat Rampage MT PRO

 Redcat Rampage MT Pro

From an enthusiast’s vantage point, the Rampage MT PRO is the big daddy of all Rampages, being the largest and meanest monster truck available today. So if you’re in the hunt for the ultimate RC gas truck, then look no farther as this beast will satisfy even the most discerning RC aficionados. Think about monster versatility and monster innovation, that’s what the MT PRO is all about! It has set the benchmark for boundless capability and radical innovation that all other monster trucks are measured against.

Rampage MT PRO Package

The package includes a fully assembled 1/5 Rampage MT PRO gas truck, battery pack, battery charger, gun-style remote control system, and an instructions manual with a list of parts. There is also a complete set of Rampage decals so you can spruce up the paintable body and add punch to this awesome monster machine. The shipping weight is approximately 25 lbs.

Rampage MT PRO Features and Specs

The MT PRO has been designed and built to leave its competition in the dust. It rolls out of the production line boasting some of the most impressive list of features including every conceivable aluminum hop-up options, a commanding 30cc HY 2 stroke engine, single speed transmission, 4-wheel drive system, 4mm aluminum 6061T6 chassis, dual disc brakes, 2.4Ghz radio system, dual steering servos, a massive 700 cc fuel tank, aluminum body oil filled shocks, pro tuned pipe, oversized air filtration, and a whole lot more!

Rampage MT Pro Close Ups

The 30cc High-Output Racing Engine

Redcat made sure its new MT RPO (version 3) has the most powerful engine in any ready-to-run truck in the market today. In terms of sheer power, reliability and high-revving performance, no other small engine comes close to the precision-engineered Fuelie 30cc Racing Engine. This award-winning powerplant is the central piece that brings everything together. It is remarkably easy to tune and capable of generating more than enough oomph to propel the truck’s burly frame.

Redcat Rampage 30 CC Engine

Wider, Longer and Taller Stance for Optimum Monster Fun

 Inside the Redcat Rampage MT Pro

The new Rampage MT PRO measures 740mm long, 600mm wide and 350mm tall. Superior to the MT Truck (see Redcat MT Review), Redcat crafted its pro version to have a high-riding and even more aggressive monster stance. The wheelbase (F/R) measures 516mm while ground clearance has been pegged at 72mm. The MT PRO also boasts new set of black wheels along with huge Maxx-sized tires with rugged all-terrain treads featuring wrap-around lugs that give the vehicle maximum traction. In addition, the wheels’ extra offset provides for a sure-footed feel wherever you wish to drive this mean machine.

Pure Fun and Adrenaline Rush

Every feature that has been integrated into the Rampage MT PRO has been specifically engineered to provide convenience and functionality that translates to fun!  The new 2.4GHz radio system will keep you in total control with its cutting-edge technology for no-crystals-required consistency and dependability. Just turn it on and you’re ready to go. The sleek black wheels are shod in massive-sized tires for optimum traction and higher ground clearance. The digital servo steering system delivers intuitive handling and they have been made waterproof for ultimate reliability.  You can read discussions about the differences between the MT and Dunerunner, XT and MT PRO on the Redcat Rampage Forum

All these race-engineered perks make the MT PRO the perfect platform for pure monster truck fun.

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